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The first step you need to consider is that if you love golf I mean really love it you need to put in your own work towards getting a college scholarship. If you are at the level of play to consider playing college golf, your parents have already invested a lot of money for lessons, equipment, tournaments and travel to allow you to progress as a player. You have also invested a lot of time practicing and playing to achieve good, consistent play. Your skill and desire are only part of the equation. If you are willing to lay the ground work and manage your time as well as keep the information organized for the coaches you intend to reach out to, then you are ready to proceed through the process of trying to attain a college golf scholarship.

Let’s start with some simple assessments you need to make now:

Be honest about your current skills and the amount of time you personally put into golf outside of lessons and tournament golf.

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses in golf.

If you feel like you are an accomplished player and can play at the college level and your grades are good enough to get you into a prospective school then registering for College Golf Scholarship Advisors is the next step.


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Also, it is important that you register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you have not already done so. This registration is required if you plan to play Division I or II college golf and insures that you meet the NCAA standards for college athletes.
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NCAA Eligibility Center

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