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Our team of Advisors has built relationships with college golf coaches from Junior Colleges to D1 schools for both Men and Women.We are here to help you navigate the task of connecting with those coaches.
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Tracy CologneTracy Cologne's passion and vision for junior golfers prompted her to create a program that helps junior golfers achieve their college golf goals. This beneficial service was designed to connect golfers with prospective schools and coaches.

Tracy is the founder of College Golf Scholarship Advisors and has served as the Tournament Director of the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour since its inception in 2009. She and her staff have conducted nearly 900 tournaments in that time. Over the years, she has developed relationships with both Men's and Women's College Coaches from D1 to Junior Colleges throughout the country. She has had a wide range of exposure to different coaching styles and philosophies to help her determine the information coaches want to know about a player. Tracy realized that college coaches needed a place to go to identify junior golfers so College Golf Scholarship Advisors program was her creation. "Playing in Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour 2 day nationally ranked tournaments provides junior golfers the skill to propel them beyond junior golf. I wanted to make the process of garnering the recognition junior golfers seek easier than ever. Helping these players realize their dreams of playing college golf a reality is so rewarding”.

This College Golf Scholarship Advisors program has had an astounding success rate to date. Nearly every golfer that has been featured on the College Golf Scholarship Advisors site is nearing or currently playing golf in college. "We help a player navigate their way to connecting with coaches by being realistic about their abilities, giving up to date and accurate information to coaches and following through to make sure they find a school that meets their academic and golf needs". With our College Golf Scholarship Advisors program, we are dedicated to giving student golfers the knowledge and tools they need to successfully market their golf game to college coaches and better their chances of playing golf at a collegiate level. What makes us different than other recruiting services is we specialize in golf, have personal relationships with many of the top college golf coaches in the nation, and understand the steps needed to be recognized in the college golf community. A College Golf Scholarship Advisors Player Profile Page allows a golfer to have his or her own Featured Player Profile Page and web address. This page contains a personal bio, golf and personal highlights, scores from their tournaments and allows them to post pictures and swing videos which can be viewed. Your Featured Player Profile Page will help get you noticed. Obtaining a golf scholarship is a process; CGSA will help walk you through this process step by step, ensuring that you are equipped in the best way possible to achieve your college golf goals.

By filling out your profile with our College Golf Scholarship Advisors program, you have the opportunity to reach our database of over 2,200 college golf coaches all around the country, including Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA, and Junior colleges. CGSA has proven results time and time again with several players who are pursuing and now playing collegiate golf.  This is an amazing opportunity for all the players who would like to continue competing in college. Don't spend thousands with other recruiting services when CGSA accomplishes more for a minimal fee!

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