Why Use CGSA?

College Golf Scholarship Advisors has a staff who is committed to assisting junior golfers in reaching their college golf goals.

In the years that they have been involved with junior golf, College Golf Scholarship Advisors have developed countless relationships with men’s and women’s college coaches. Their advisors know many of these coaches from throughout the country on a personal level. These coaches trust the player information they receive about CGSA recruits, because all of the Advisors are heavily involved in Junior golf. Since golf is a non-revenue sport for colleges, it’s rare that Coaches have the budget to travel the country to find players. Rather, they rely on experts in junior golf to help give them opportunities to identify players they wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

CGSA’s role is to be honest and informative to players as to where they might fit in, let golfers know who is looking for players for upcoming seasons, and what the player’s and parent’s roles are in the process. College Golf Scholarship Advisors walks players through the process after their profile has been sent out, as well as guidance when a player contacts a coach directly.

Having the tools CGSA provides ensures the junior golfer will have opportunities to connect to colleges and programs around the country.

At College Golf Scholarship Advisors (CGSA), we are proactive for YOU in your college scholarship search. The players that have trusted CGSA to guide and facilitate them through our college golf scholarship process, have received over $8,000,000 in scholarships and aid towards obtaining a college education.

If you upgrade to a Par, Birdie or Eagle package, you will have added exposure to over 900 women’s and 1400 men’s college coaches that trust our CGSA evaluations and recommended players. Recruiting services are overpriced and make you do all the work. They can’t give you the validation with college coaches that we can provide.

CGSA stands alone because we are only focused on golf athletes.