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The National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA has a ton of great information concerning athletic recruiting and scholarships.


NCAA Eligibility Center

Find the tools and information you need to begin your college experience.



The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics or NAIA site has athletic recruiting and scholarship information for those looking to play at a NAIA school.



Looking to play at a junior college? The National Junior College Athletics Association or NJCAA site has some athletic recruiting and scholarship information you don’t want to miss.



The National Christian College Athletic Association or NCCAA has some great athletic recruiting and scholarship information if you are interest in playing sports at a Christian College or University. Free Directory of American Colleges and Universities.

High Division 1

  • Handicap: Scratch or better, 18 Hole Average: 72 or under

CGSA Expert Notes:
On average, the CGSA men’s golfers that have moved on to compete at the next level had a handicap of (1), an 18-hole average of (72.5), and a grade point average of (3.37). These student-athletes also competed in national tournaments such as AJGA, RMJGT, and USGA, along with state and local tournaments.

Low Division 1

  • Handicap: Equal to or < 1, 18 Hole Average: 73 or under

Division 2 and Top NAIA

  • Handicap: Equal to or < 2, 18 Hole Average: 74 or under

CGSA Expert Notes:
Some DII coaches require DI standards. Some NAIA coaches require DI standards

Division 3 and Low NAIA

  • Handicap: Equal to or < 3, 18 Hole Average: 75 or under

CGSA Expert Notes:
Some DIII coaches require DI standards. Some NAIA coaches require DI standards

Recruiting Guidelines

Steps You Should Be Taking

Freshman Year:

  • Actively be researching schools you are interested in and even some your not.
  • Create list of up to 50 prospective schools, making sure your taking into account academics and athletic skill.
  • Be proactive! Make phone calls to coaches, send letters and emails.
  • Play as much golf as possible! Join tours, attend camps and swing workshops, always be looking to improve your skills.

Sophomore Year:

  • Continue researching schools and making unofficial visits.
  • Start to narrow your search
  • Build relationships with coaches by continuing to make calls and send emails.
  • Send tournament schedules to coaches
  • Fill out questionnaires

Junior Year:

  • Ask coaches where you stand on their recruit lists.
  • Follow up with coaches, continuing to voice interest and send your tournament schedules and results
  • Continue narrowing down your list of schools you are interested in, be realistic!
  • *Reminder: This is the year coaches will start contacting you. Division 1 coaches can begin calling you July 1st before your junior year. September 1st is the first day Division 1 and 2 coaches can send you emails and letters.

Senior Year:

  • You are allowed to make 5 OFFICIAL SCHOOL VISITS! Choose wisely .(Makesure the coach calls it an “official visit” expense reimbursement may apply) 
  • Apply to schools
  • Apply for Financial Aid -
  • Sign and commit to a school
  • Know your summer workout and golf schedule! Get ready to begin your college golf career!

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